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Data is one of the most important assets to any organization or country, as we live our daily life in a world of interconnectivity; online banking, schools, payment portals, events, travel bookings, online shopping and much more, the need to safeguard data from unauthorized users becomes a priority as data breaches and cyber-attacks (theft, fraud, and abuse) are anticipated to increase in the due course of time due to this growing expansion in the need for more connectivity and technological advancements.

It is clear that cybersecurity risks are growing as attacks become increasingly sophisticated and persistent. The types of attack scenarios continue to increase as well, ranging from classic phishing schemes, which lure heedless users to reveal credentials or other sensitive information, to sophisticated viruses that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities in software.

It is therefore important to have the right Cyber Security Solutions in place to meet the challenging threats.

The recent accusation of Russian involvement via online and electronic tampering/tapping in the recent United States Presidential Election is a case in point. Such is the enormous challenge. Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace.

At GigaSurge Limited we provide a robust Cyber Security Solutions for Organizations, ranging from Start-ups businesses to Large Corporations. Our solution involves; physical and non-physical resources such as hardware, technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.


  • Access Control (Physical and Electronic)
  • Information Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning
  • Operational Security/Risk Management
  • End-user Education/Training

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